ARTICLE I. a [The secretary, treasurer, and receiver-general, and the commissary-general, notaries public, and] naval officers, shall be chosen annually, by joint ballot of the senators and representatives in one room. And, that the citizens of this commonwealth may be assured, from time to time, that the moneys remaining in the public treasury, upon the settlement and liquidation of the public accounts, are their property, no man shall be eligible as treasurer and receiver-general more than five years successively.b

II. The records of the commonwealth shall be kept in the office of the of the secretary, who may appoint his deputies, for whose conduct he shall be accountable; and he shall attend the governor and council, the senate and house of representatives, in person, or by his deputies, as they shall respectively require.


a For provision as to election of secretary, treasurer, and receiver-general and for auditor and attorney-general, see amendments, Art. XVII.

b For provisions as to appointment of notaries public and the commissary-general, see amendments, Art. IV.