What's so good about lexrex.com? Here is an intelligent way to start your investigation:

Some suggested Search Terms: God, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison, 1776, 1787, 1934, Republic, democracy, Limited Government, American Ideal, Gerry, Franklin, Bastiat, Indian, Locke, Noah, electoral, right, Kofi, Rush, Bush, money, lawful, lawful money, banking, standing armies, usurpation, taxation, tyranny, tyrant, plunder, crime, corruption, Clinton, impeachment, ethics, respect, honor, justice, love, peace, joy. Use your imagination - or just type in the topic for your overdue term paper.

If you would search the web for 'alternative' 'news' sites, you will find many offer no clues as to lawful solutions to our national problems. Just getting upset or overcome by fear does not make us part of the solution. We need to progress from seeing what's wrong all the way through to the lawful solutions. With the tools left us by our Founding generation America should be a Utopia.

Although Rush Limbaugh seems to be conversant in elements of the Federalist Papers and other important documents, he falls far short of giving his audience the tools with which to Restore their original liberties. The answers are not complex! The liberty tools have been 'educated' out of you. They can be reinstalled. Simply reading a few pages of some of the great documents found at lexrex.com can begin to remove the scales from your eyes or the cobwebs from your brain. Don't buy into the nonsense that it is not Rush's responsibility - "he's just an entertainer." It is all our responsibilities! When Rush speaks, he has no right to influence except in the way of Truth. Each of us is responsible before God for our own sphere of influence. Rush needs the 'edge' that LEXREX can provide. As Bob Grant, one of Rush's mentors, always says, Your Influence Counts! Use It!

Try this: Read a portion of THE LAW by Bastiat or The AMERICAN IDEAL every day until you start hearing Rush's 'mistakes' - or until Rush starts reading lexrex.com. Too much golfing with the wrong buddies can compromise the best of men. Rush is probably a very good-hearted guy, but let's agree, he is now in a position where he could edify the country and help aid in the restoration of the Republic. LEXREX challenges every media personality to do the same. Media will always have a bias. It is made up of human beings. LEXREX will continue to provide the necessary material for 'de-briefing' those whose education is inadequate or void of Americanism. What media person could go wrong if they were quoting Jefferson or Madison once in a while? The Congress might even catch on.

You were Created to be free! You were not born with a saddle on your back as Jefferson so eloquently stated. You were Endowed by your Creator with Certain [fixed] Unalienable Rights. These cannot be 'lost on a technicality.' They are your Birthright as an American citizen and a Creation of God.

According to Samuel Adams, the Father of the American Revolution, there are three ways you can 'in terms renounce' your Rights. 1) Through Fear, 2) Through Fraud, and 3) Through Mistake. But education in the Truth can help ease fear; expose fraud, and eradicate mistakes.

Resistance to Tyranny is Service to God!

There are also three ways to take our Rights back. 1) Through Prayer, 2) Through Teaching [and/or learning], and 3) Through Fighting [this is no provocation to violence - only to wise and patient strategy - striving by every lawful, intelligent and righteous means - exhausting every lawful avenue for returning liberty to WeThePeople]. These concepts are borrowed from Alfred the Great of England who said he needed three kinds of Men: Teaching men, Fighting men, and Praying men. He was also a staunch advocate of literacy for the common people.  

King David, in Psalm 11, said, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Yet we are not talking about "destroyed foundations." We are talking about neglected principles that remain the Law of the Land. Therefore there is much that can be done. We invite you to join us in the task of rebuilding our Constitutional Republic and the Rule of Law - one heart and one mind at a time.

If you are already a government Servant proceed immediately to the Government Code of Ethics. Keep reading it until you obey it! God's judgment may be slow, but it is sure! Please at least read enough material here to know whether or not your 'responsibilities and duties' are even lawful under the Constitution. You may find that you are, in fact, a 'NON-ESSENTIAL GOVERNMENT WORKER.' You don't want to have to admit that to your grandchildren some day. Do you? The only lawful purpose of government is the protection of life and property. So, if you are not protecting life and property - you are not a Lawful part of the government. Redistributing the property of your fellow citizens is not the same as protecting property - since you first have to steal it from them.

If you only work part time for the government, say from January to June, you also have come to the right place. Here we will put all the puzzle pieces back together again. You will learn how to cogently articulate liberty, and how to LIVE FREE!

HomeSchooling offers promise for the future of America!

Make no mistake, ignorant, wicked, lazy people cannot be free. Therefore, your final assignment for today is to start HomeSchooling your own children. No excuses will be accepted! If you are unsure about the effectiveness of HomeSchooling or your ability to do it, get the video: "Home-Based Education - The Informed Choice" with Brian D. Ray, Ph.D, of the National Home Education Research Institute. If you want to ease the local school tax burden for your neighbors, get the Robinson Curriculum [$195 for a complete K-12 curriculum - eat your heart out Bill Bennett] and start teaching your children at home immediately. Do not wait another minute!

Forget about 'Saving the Public Schools!' SAVE YOUR OWN CHILDREN FIRST! Hopefully the kids in the government-controlled schools can be rehabilitated by your homeschooled kids later. We should have free [100% voluntary - funded by true charity] schools for poor kids and government-controlled schools for no one's kids.