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President's Choice: SAMPLE QUESTIONS

The 2014 Revision of the "Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States - For the Use of Schools" Stansbury/Huff 1828 / 1993&2014

Edited and Expanded by Bill Huff aka LEXREX in 1993 - and now in 2014.

This brand new edition can be yours for the timely price of just $17.87 + s&h.  [Right now that's about 1 Silver Dollar]

If you search the web you will see Legion variations on this old favorite. But none will compare with the LEXREX version, because they all lack the context of this edition with its extraordinary insights and documented corrections [Stansbury was handicapped because Madison's Notes were being kept secret until 1835 - seven years after the first and only edition by Stansbury]. Just take a look on Amazon, Ebay or Google - search for the term "Elementary Catechism" in any search engine. I just saw 4340 page hits on Google alone. You can see what the original looked like at https://archive.org/details/elementarycatech00stanrich

Many of the 332 questions and answers help provide valuable insights into early 19th Century American culture, law and politics. Others are foreboding, since we now know the country was starting to drift because she had already begun to neglect the fundamentals so eloquently and thoroughly set forth in the convention and agreed upon by the States. Remember, the generation just before was literate enough to grasp the Federalist Papers. Today they would be rated as post graduate reading level. Try some here.

I think you will agree that you never had a text Anything like this in the government-controlled schools that would provoke so much intelligent and constructive dialog related to restoring our Liberties. Maybe it really was 'for the children' back then?

SO... how do we get all our kids from texting to being fully and intelligently engaged in civil society in ways that will preserve and enhance their Lives, Liberty and Happiness.

Tyranny is to be expected in a country whose people have little or no interest in their own foundational principles. Liberty can return when the People are ready for it; when a generation rises up to demand their original liberties be restored and maintained as sacrosanct. But first they must retrace their past progress and increase their understanding of the true meaning of Liberty. Perhaps Jefferson and Madison should be consulted?

We cannot play by the rules if we have no idea of what the rules are!

What do our judges and lawyers care about the Constitution? What about our Politicians? Did they ever think they would need to know it?

If you represent an educational institution, you may feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for special volume discounts. Home School Support Groups are most welcome to inquire as always.

Click the 'Preview' button on the ordering page linked below and you can browse through it's 91 pages with, helpful notes, commentary and references. On page 48 you will find a reading list specifically recommended by Madison and Jefferson. On page 53 you can read the Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and 1799. These speak out boldly to an overgrown federal government and remind them that the States are duty bound to 'interpose' and prevent their citizens from being violated by federal overreaching. I have even inserted a copy of the Government Code of Ethics for your reading pleasure. What if they start following it? 

You are interested in Restoring Liberty and the Rule of Law in America.

This book is for you and your children.



Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century - Something we have been talking about at LEXREX.com forever. Watch this interview carefully. It may help prepare you for your next Zombie Confrontation.

Audio Stream Bastiat's The Law

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