Lawfully Speaking Vol. IV, Issue No. 4
A Periodic Internet Political Column
Written by William H. Huff

American Government, so-called, is already in Gross Material Breach of the Constitution.

You are living under an Outlaw government. All three branches are operating outside their Constitutional authority. If you don’t know this, you probably don’t know a whole lot about the Constitution or law. Ignorance can be cured. Bear with me. I am still working on mine.

In ‘Black’s Law, the Third Edition,’ we read that a ‘Breach of Duty’ is ‘... any violation or omission of any covenant agreed to be performed. More particularly, the neglect or failure to fulfill in a just and proper manner the duties of an office or fiduciary appointment...’ The Constitution is our Covenant of government. It is being Breached every day by all three Branches - often in collusion.

This article is partially a tirade. But I want it to be salubrious. That is, I want this article to do some good where it counts. Therefore, after you get angry - and I hope you find something here to get angry about - please try to get even by emptying the offices of those who hate your Constitution and our lawful Republic. Vote the Bums Out! There are few exceptions. Think of it as an internal cleansing. Our Congress must be populated by Statesmen - not the Refuse of our society.

As usual, I will try to give context and documented solutions as they were thoroughly worked out by our Founders and the Framers of our Constitution. We continue to ignore their wisdom at our peril. Lawful government can only be based on fully-informed consent mixed with Virtue.

Only if we can acquire truthful and accurate information will there be some hope of coming to our senses and recovering our National Soul. Without a true Rebirth of Americanism, we will become a nation of the walking dead long before the rigor mortis sets in. The rule of law must be restored or we will end as all previous lawless empires, and, as with Rome, most citizens will not have a clue as to when the end is near.

We need information/intelligence regarding our current situation and it dynamics; information and comprehension of how the Founders’ principles and wisdom bear on our problems; virtue from the same Source, and Resolve to prevail. Our domestic enemies gravitate to Washington, DC, where they have been consolidating their power for more than two centuries. They are far more dangerous to our liberties than any foreign person, entity, or country.

What went wrong?

Paper Money is War Money! The debasement of our lawful money has spawned every other species of national sin and aberration. National decisions have national consequences. Realize the simple fact that the enemies of this Republic can ‘create’ indefinite amounts of money out of nothing. The combination of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and the monopoly of the Federal Reserve Banking System is eating away at the foundations of lawful government.

The lawful money of United States is Gold and Silver and their is no lawful authority for the Federal Reserve Banking system under the Constitution. Please remember that when I say ‘lawful’ I am speaking of something that is right and lawful in every sense and faithful to our Constitutional Republic and original American political philosophy. This would rule out fraudulent entities like the Fed. If you are not well-informed enough to understand the importance of lawful money please visit and For historical context on the matter, please visit this link. In addition, the present de facto tax system is violative of the Constitution in the sense that it is taxing citizens - not according to the letter of the Internal Revenue Code but de facto - in order to support a phony fake fraudulent fiat monetary scam. Paper is not Gold. It has no intrinsic value. The present paper money system is a Fraud on the People. The controllers of the Fed are creating ‘money’ out of thin air and lending it to the rest of us at interest - ‘nice work if you can get it.’ Make sure you master this information about monetary law if nothing else. This will empower you to expose many other infractions.

If you don’t think the money issue is paramount, try to imagine the government effectively limited to its lawful size and scope because it has absolutely no funds for any other purpose. That is the vision of the Framers of the Constitution. They spoke of ‘purse strings.’ These were to be tightened just enough to control the size of government and preserve our liberties. The government cannot possess any lawful power to fund anything more than the protection of life and property. When it overleaps these bounds no other meaningful or permanent limitations can be sustained.

Preemptive Regime Change

The present occupant of the White House should be Impeached immediately [same scam different president?]. He is premeditating the murder of your children in violation of the Constitution and his Oath of Office. If, and when, the President gets soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen or anyone else killed for anything but the lawful defense of the United States, or any of them, he is halfway to a murder rap. But what if it is later proven that he did it unlawfully and knew it was unlawful from the beginning? As we have said before, the slavish ‘historians’ who claimed Clinton could not be impeached were in gross error. The House can impeach based on whatever cause it pleases. There is no higher authority except God to tell the House when it can impeach. And just in case you missed it, this places the People’s Representatives and the States’ Senators in an absolutely superior role over the other two Branches when push comes to shove. Presidents and Judges can be removed by the House and the Senate, and not the other way around. Functional government has checks and balances that effect Justice and Accountability. We are now under Dysfunctional government.

Clean House & Senate

The Senate and the House should also be emptied next election cycle with only one or two exemptions. They are so impotent and Bought that they are not the least bit jealous of their Exclusive Constitutional Prerogative to Declare War. It is bad enough that they are so easily maneuvered into paying for almost anything under the sun, even after the fact, at the caprice of the President and the Administration and/or some judge, who decide to spend the money [read ‘increase the debt’]. But, to allow the President to deliberately set up wars for all of us to pay for through excessive taxation, is to commit an offense against the Constitution that warrants immediate removal from office. Don’t wait for your Senator or Representative to retire. Vote the Bums Out!

Impeach and Remove Judges - The Courts are in Material Breach

Our Government has become so corrupt it has become virtually impossible for the average citizen to find justice. If you want confirmation on this please visit Jail For Judges. Go here to learn more about the courts.

Q. What about Iraq? How could we possibly know Iraq has certain weapons?

A. They were sold to Iraq by American interests with the approval of the American government.

Why can’t we Mind our own National Business?

Simply apply the Golden Rule to international affairs as George Washington did in his Farewell Address and you should have a few more lawful reasons to clean out Washington, DC, and probably your State governments as well. Imagine any other nation trying to impose on America what this nation has arbitrarily imposed on Iraq for more than a decade. How would you feel if Iraqi jets were bombing New Jersey every other day with absolutely no support from any precedent, UN Resolution, or any international convention? Who knows how many Resolutions of the United Nations have been ignored by the United States from its inception - and with just cause? Do any but the most powerful nations have a right to national sovereignty? This is not to give the impression of any lawful jurisdiction of the UN either. The UN is a front for the rich and/or powerful of the world. Yes they have well-meaning and ignorant lackeys. But what has that to do with my rights as protected by the Constitution, or the limitations that should keep my government out of unlawful wars? The UN has recently been shown to be little more than a convention of ‘useful idiots.’ They cannot protect Iraq, nor can they prevent an immerging global empire. They skim off funds from the Oil for Food ‘Pogrom’ while they complain about the U.S. not paying its dues. The management of the Oil for Food program was not put out for bid as far as I know. Perhaps Arthur Anderson should have been consulted.

Iraqi civilians have been deliberately targeted by the United States government.

This is not conjecture! It has been Policy! What would you think if the United Stated were attacked for the alleged purpose of removing our President while mostly civilians were made to suffer for more than ten years? Since at least two of our outlaw agencies, the FBI and the CIA, seem to have no compunction regarding Assassination - there were numerous promotions of the perpetrators and conspirators after Ruby Ridge - why has the US government targeted Iraqi civilians instead of Saddam? I mention it here to expose gross hypocrisy - not to advocate assassination. Our government has deliberately targeted civilians in an effort to bring pressure on the Iraqi military to topple Saddam. If A Policy of State-Sponsored Assassinations is not Terrorism I cannot tell what is.

Many tirades go on and on. This one will not. If you are angry at me or anyone else, I urge you to put your anger to good use. Please visit the links below and begin to become better informed.

The common people of Iraq have suffered enough because of deliberate actions that were done in the name of the American People. Let it end now.

What Is To Be Done?

Read: ‘War is a Racket

and ‘The War Prayer

Study the Facts

This link will take you to a search on Google for the words ‘civilian targets Iraq.’ I trust you will find it stimulating and informative.

Become familiar with the material on this web site.

LEXREX seeks to enlighten, inform, and empower the American people, and/or any other people, in order that they may be effectively self governed according to original American political philosophies and Constitutional law. Our goal is nothing less than a people who will accept only the total liberty with responsibility envisioned by our rugged founding generation. The result of the American people throwing off the chains of co-dependence with a growth-industry government will be a government truly obedient to the People and reduced to its Constitutionally limited size; a government, once again, 'of law, and not of men,' in other words, a government whose policies are entirely within the bounds of its governing Constitution and laws, without exception, deception, coercion, subterfuge, evasion or sophistry. From our mission.

Please help us ‘Rescue the Republic - one mind and one heart at a time.’ If nothing else you can begin by Homeschooling your own children. Rescue your children from government-controlled schools - the Reproductive Organs of the State.

Teach you children the Constitution now.

Read ‘Washington’s Farewell Address

Finally, ultimate accountability rests with the People. If they want a king, they will have a king. If they want to be taken care of, they will be ruled by criminals and tyrants.

Learn how to be an American

Take responsibility to learn and train your own family and everyone you can, the true meaning of Americanism. See The American Ideal - perhaps the best book on the subject ever written at

Nothing in this article should be construed to imply that I advocate anything less than the most effective defense for the several States of the Union in exact accord by the original American philosophy as expounded by Washington in his ‘Farewell Address’ and Major General Smedley Butler in ‘War Is A Racket.’

To assume the Father of our Country was naive, or that he couldn’t possibly have contemplated the dynamics or intricacies of our modern world, is not only to be ignorant, it could be fatal. This view is often held by those who are unfamiliar with the writings of Washington or Major General Smedley Butler.

Ubisilent leges incipit bellum [War begins when the laws are silent]