Lawfully Speaking Vol. IV, Issue No. 1
A Periodic Internet Political Column
Written by William H. Huff

It seems major media has made another faux pas by printing and broadcasting widely that Bill Clinton is demanding an apology from Congressional Republicans for his Impeachment. Actually his words fell short of that, but implied it nevertheless. The Parser-in-Chief is at it again. Bill is only ‘Slick’ because the American public is somewhat less so. Our sense of smell has been dulled by decades of corruption. Does Bill Clinton ever know when he is telling the truth?

I just read some other apologetics in an article feigning ‘moral’ outrage at the Republicans for ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ by impeaching Bill Clinton for his ‘sexual pranks with Monica Lewinsky.’ Public Adultery in the Oval Office is now a 'prank.' All Fraternities please take note!

Of course we all know that we are supposed to assume all sex is a private matter now - regardless of where it takes place - that is, including, but not limited to, sex [to be defined spontaneously] by Bill Clinton. So the historic provisions for the protection of privacy under the Fourth Amendment are being eroded while reprobates are doing that which ought not even be done in private in our Oval Office, and we should all apologize for catching them in the act. ‘Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell !?’ Not only has the Emperor removed his own clothes.

I attended the banquet where the House Republicans who impeached Clinton were ‘honored’ for their ‘courage.’ What a sick joke on America! They patted each other on the back and then colluded with the Senate to make sure the impeachment did not involve an actual flushing of the D.C. Toilet. If they 'did their best,' what could that mean really?

Why was there any surprise when Clinton pardoned his pals? The Senate had already been too magnanimous for words. And Yes, the sex stuff was a Red Herring. It has been a long, long time since we had a President unworthy of Impeachment, Conviction and Removal from office.

If he couldn’t be removed for what happened in Somalia where the remains of American servicemen were dragged through the streets (during an action that was not authorized by the Constitution) why should we think he should be removed for having sex in the People’s Executive Office? There are many other examples where we have lost American lives, and where other nationals were killed, during the Clinton administration - not to mention all the graves in Arkansas that no one wants to talk about other than Larry Nickols. The problem with Nickols is that he is apparently too widely published to be silenced. Perhaps Vince Foster would have a lot to say if he were alive.

Now we are being not so tacitly asked to see Clinton once again as a victim of circumstances. This is the icing on the cake for a couple of generations who cannot bear to think of individual accountability and responsibility. Where will this concept of justice lead us? We cannot even have ourselves to blame anymore. That wouldn’t be fair.

We should all apologize to our children

Our parents were bewitched by another philanderer, FDR. But we have been wooed by a rapscallion by the name of Bill Clinton. WeThePeople are more to blame than any of our symptoms in Washington. When I first started writing this piece I thought someone should apologize to Bill Clinton for not having him lawfully tried and executed. You see, it is a Felonious Crime akin to Murder for him to have sent American servicemen to their deaths without a Lawful Declaration of War. However, after I thought about it, I realized once again that the American People elected Bill Clinton already knowing him to be corrupt and amoral. There were those in Arkansas, living and dead, who tried to warn us. We were too busy singing ‘Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow!’ It is a catchy tune. Isn’t it?

There should be three apologies

1) We should apologize to Bill Clinton for trusting him with the highest civil office under the Constitution when his prior behavior had served us fair warning. Perhaps if he had been campaigning from a prison cell we might have been given the proper word picture.

2) We should apologize to our children for neglecting the greatest national heritage in the history of the world.

3) The Congress should apologize to Bill Clinton for holding him to a standard to which they have not held themselves. Their contempt and open hostility for the Constitution are evident in their daily routines. If you doubt this, you probably know little of the Constitution or matters of law. They seem to know at least enough to consistently violate it.

The solution remains: Americans must become Informed, Enlightened and Empowered. With no apology I will state once again: the place to do that is!