Lawfully Speaking Vol. III, Issue No. 7
A Periodic Internet Political Column
Written by William H. Huff

Orwell was an optimist!

We have now distorted the language to the point that Kofi can accept an award after explaining why no one should receive it, and then insist that the UN is the solution to all of the world's woes. God help us! Apparently no one else can or will!

The UN knows nothing of your God-given unalienable rights. Mark that down! There is nothing American about the UN. Mark that down!


Read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S Constitution and the Federalist Papers and compare them to the UN Charter. This is not a difficult task but it will empower you and hopefully awaken your sensibilities to the approaching danger of a consolidated global government void of original American principles.

What did Kofi actually say?

Before he accepted the award he said: "It seems almost indecent to be accepting a prize for peace when peace and security are still denied to so many people in different parts of the world." Why didn't he say, "I am indecent! I will take the prize and continue doing the bidding of my Masters?" He did just get a new bullet-proof BMW. I hope he enjoys riding in it. There are lots of prizes for selling your soul Kofi!

What did the Nobel [not to be confused with noble] committee say?

"The only negotiable route to global peace and co-operation goes by way of the United Nations."

This is tantamount to the Nobel committee saying, as long as every citizen in the world is willing to submit to unlimited global authority and allow a supra-national entity to arbitrarily determine the nature and extent of ‘human rights [rights determined by an allegedly democratic process and unquestionable by any other tribunal or authority]’ as opposed to God-given unalienable rights, there will be "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men."

For this piece I did a quick web search of ‘War is Peace’ to try and put some Orwell into it for emphasis. When I hit my ‘enter’ key I was pleasantly surprised to find a student group who is already making a decent parody on current events with Orwellian insights into the daily news and governmental hogwash. See You may be surprised and encouraged to know someone seems to be waking up on our campuses. Explore their site and think!

Read ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ and write the President to tell him you have completed your reading assignment. Tell him you know who he is and you saw what he did! You may never get a Peace Prize, but you may one day have a clear conscience. I cannot think Kofi ever will! His acceptance of a "Peace Prize" has to make the prostitutes of the world feel like nuns.