Lawfully Speaking Vol II, Issue No. 3
A Periodic Internet Political Column
Written by William H. Huff

In the news... Alec Baldwin is reported to be threatening to leave the United States if George W. Bush wins the election. His wife Kim Bassinger says she believes him to be sincere in his threat and apparently would accompany him.

Can you imagine the incredible loss if these two assets were to not step upon American soil ever again? Just the amount of taxes they pay is probably sustaining who knows how many poor out-of-work actors who may also be forced to leave if only to find the Baldwins' enormous resources "trickling down" to them under some other more socialistic system in perhaps a more trendy left-wing modern European country. Danish anyone?

Who cares if Alec Baldwin leaves the country? For that matter, who should care? I mean it's not as though we are losing the Dallas Cowboys or Bud Light is it?

A more substantial problem becomes apparent as we consider the state America is in when our media report on such a non-event as if it were supposed to sway our vote or portend our national destiny. And in this case what remarkable difference does it make if Al Gore is the next president or "W" gets the nod? They will both follow orders or regret it. It is not as though the presidency has any real autonomy these days. With what they pay to acquire it, how can any serious thinking person believe the presidency is not first "for sale," and then "bought" and finally "owned" by whomever is, in reality, the highest bidder/s?

Modern presidents stay bought better!

On the other hand we can probably learn as much about our lawful government from Alec Baldwin and his politically astute wife Kim Bassinger as we can from either Bush or either Gore. Neither "apple," fell too far from the tree. Al and "W" both had fathers whose corrupting influences will be felt and paid for at some point. Perhaps the only thing we can determine that would differentiate between this and the last generation of the Bushes and Gores would be that this generation seems far less intelligent - less subtle if you will, even perhaps a little too clumsy, at least in appearance. Is there some intermarrying going on that we don't know about?

Are there real solutions? Definitely! One is to realize at every level that the president of the United States is not, never could be, the "Leader of the Free World." The appellation "Leader of the Free World," is an oxymoron on its face. A truly "free" world would not be plagued by "leaders" or should we say "pests" the likes of which we have seen in recent years. Those Americans who continue to look for a replacement for King George are not thoroughly American. They may even be slavish indolent fools if not ignorant cowards. Of course they could just be "pragmatic" partisans. We must stop focusing on celebrities and kings to solve our problems or do all of our thinking for us. If we want to give up fully-informed self-government we will be ruled by tyrants and petty tyrants, or perhaps even worse - arrogant bureaucrats.


If you are finally mad enough, let's get to work! Start studying the real American solutions to our problems here at If you don't see some resource that you believe is necessary, let us know. We will consider adding it to our collection. Re-education must precede lawful, Constitutional action.

A good example of the quality of information here would be Bastiat's "THE LAW." If enough Americans had already read and understood that work, at least 110% of the promises being made by either candidate would be falling on deaf ears. Read "THE LAW" at least once a year as your own personal political "tonic." It will do you more good than all of the movies Alec Baldwin has or will ever make.

Baldwin may leave, but will stay and fight for the Republic. America can survive without Baldwin, Bassinger, Bush or Gore, but her liberties will not survive the ignorant lazy wickedness of ordinary citizens that says "make us a king to judge us like all the [other] nations." See I Samuel, Chapter 8 in the Bible.

Nowadays Americans have come to worship at the feet a warm fuzzy indefinable "democracy" that is their current king surrogate. They don't see, or pretend to themselves not to see, the hand of corporate fascist socialism inside the "velvet glove." Anything but responsible self-government seems to do for them. They will not be removed from their amusements. Keep them comfortable and well-fed and they will succumb to almost any political machination. Just cook them slowly and sooner or later they will be well done.

Those who will re-learn self-government can help save the world from the keepers and trainers of Gore and "W." Will you be one of them? Will you spend the time and energy it takes to cleanse your mind from the dumbed-down education most of us received at the hands of the free public education system - "the reproductive organ of the State?"


You will find the antidote for the poison we have been swallowing, at Please start by reading “THE LAW” by Frederic Bastiat and follow up with “The American Ideal of 1776.“ These will give you a good start. Then you can teach your children from the original standard American school book on the Constitution - “The Elementary Catechism on the Constitution.” Need help with definitions? Consult Noah Webster, Father of American Education.

Could it be that most of the Hollywood crowd has “left” America already?

There is one bright ray at least “The Patriot” by Mel Gibson is worth seeing. Mel is still proud of America and knows something of what this nation was founded upon.

The difference here at - we give you meaningful and proven tools, that, if employed, will solve the momentous problems that exist in America and the rest of the world. We point to tried and true, thoroughly American solutions - not rhetoric. We refer you to primary source documents, consistently organized.

Thank you for visiting our Oasis where America can think and carefully consider coming back to her senses; honoring her glorious past and her truest conscience.