After the French Indian War the British Government decided to reap greater benefits from the colonies. The colonies were pressed with greater taxes without any representation in Britain. This eventually lead to the Boston Tea Party. In retaliation the British passed what are now considered the Intolerable or Coercive Acts to Bring the colonies to the heal of the King

  • Quartering Act: Established March 24, 1765
    This bill required that Colonial Authorities to furnish barracks and supplies to British troops. In 1766, it was expanded to public houses and unoccupied buildings, and was updated again June 2, 1774, to include occupied buildings.
  • Boston Port Bill: Effective June 1, 1774
    This bill closed the port of Boston to all colonists until, the damages from the Boston Tea Party were paid for.
  • Administration of Justice Act: Effective May 20, 1774
    This bill stated that British Officials could not be tried in provincial courts for capital crimes. They would be extradited back to Britain and tried there. This effectively gave the British free reign to do whatever they wished, because no justice would be served while they were still in the colonies.
  • Massachusetts Government Act: Effective May 20, 1774
    This bill effectively annulled the charter of the colonies, giving the British Governor complete control of the town meetings, and taking control out of the hands of the colonialists.
  • Quebec Act: Established May 20, 1774 This bill extended the Canadian borders to cut off The western colonies of Conn. Mass. and Va.