The computer game sensation that is sweeping all the Federal Agencies...

The United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE) presents...

The Gameshow P.A.L.© Ethics Game

ETHICS1.gif (60965 bytes) Players compete in a Jeopardy-style format, answering tough questions about ethics that come up in everyday situations in their work environment. See below for sample questions, with answers taken directly from the game.

Sample Questions / Answers

ETHICS6.gif (18141 bytes)

Now there must be some way around this...

ETHICS3.gif (20690 bytes)

Ah... your colleague can put his or her name on the proposal.

What should you do with a financial gift from a prohibited source? Hmm...

ETHICS4.gif (15407 bytes)

"Sally got a bonus on that last contract, Bob. Where would you like your share of the money sent?"

There's an obvious conflict of interest here, but it's such a sweet deal...

ETHICS5.gif (12987 bytes)

Who said government paperwork was a waste of time? This waiver form sure is useful!

We thought the following Q&A was interesting for other reasons:

ETHICS7.gif (14594 bytes)

This has to be a joke! This can't be a game that government employees play!   No? Download a copy and see for yourself (Big File - 2.4mb). Or, visit the United States Office of Government Ethics website where it came from. If the game's not listed, look in this directory on the site. Note: Downloading our .zip file will save you installation headaches.

The software described above is made available for educational use only. We presume that alteration or sale of the software is prohibited by law. If you would like to get the GameShow P.A.L.© (Player Assisted Learning) software to make your own educational games, it's available from a company called LearningWare, Inc.