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Review of William Huff's Seminar - A Libertarian Party Convention

Libertarian Party of York County, Pennsylvania

On the weekend of February 20, 1998, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania held its' annual convention where the central series of events included seven speakers from a number of organizations not typically invited to libertarian events of this nature. Among the speakers was William Huff, who lectured on the subject of how our constitution has been subverted and for all intents destroyed. Besides the fact that Mr. Huff has written and lectured extensively on this and other related constitutional and tax issues, and notwithstanding the fact that he brings a refreshing rationality to a subject shrouded with misinformation - even to Libertarians, Bill Huff brings a biting and sardonic wit to his presentations that will keep audiences thinking and musing to themselves for hours after a lecture.

After these lectures, Jacob Hornberger, President of the Future of Freedom Foundation, led a round table discussion with all of our speakers on how Libertarians can better convey our message to non-libertarian groups. This was an audience interactive discussion and Mr. Huff brought his understanding of the fundamental nature of the political/constitutional problems we as Libertarians face to this very dynamic discussion.

I cannot recommend highly enough to any Libertarian to hear Bill Huff lecture and discuss these subjects. If you think you understand these issues well, you might be surprised. Bill Huff is eminently qualified to convey a deeper understanding of the legal, constitutional and tax issues. But be prepared to challenge some of your assumptions about the law and how it works. But most of all be prepared to gain insights into a body of knowledge that we are in danger of losing.

Michael J. Nixson

Convention Organizer for Liberty Festival '98 and

Chair, Libertarian Party of York County

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