Writings and Biographies

Writings and Biographies of the Founders and Other Important Figures from the Founding Era

The Founding Fathers: A Brief Overview - Provides some basic information about the attendees to the Constitutional Convention.

Well Known Figures

John Adams (Massachusetts) (Decl.)

Samuel Adams (Massachusetts) (Decl.)

David Crockett, Member of Congress, 1827-1835

Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania) (Decl.) (Const.)

Alexander Hamilton (New York) (Const.)

John Hancock (Massachusetts) (Decl.)

Patrick Henry (Virginia)



Andrew Jackson

John Jay

Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) (Decl.)

Dollly Madison

James Madison, Jr. (Virginia) (Const.)

Noah Webster

George Washington (Virginia) (Const.

Lesser Known Figures

Rev. Thomas Allen

Abraham Baldwin (Georgia) (Const.)

Joel Barlow

Josiah Bartlett (New Hampshire) (Decl.)

Richard Bassett (Delaware) (Const.)

Gunning Bedford, Jr. (Delaware) (Const.)

John Blair (Virginia) (Const.)

William Blount (North Carolina) (Const.)

Carter Braxton (Virginia) (Decl.)

David Brearley (New Jersey) (Const.)

Jacob Broom (Delaware) (Const.)

Pierce Butler (South Carolina) (Const.)

Charles Carroll (Maryland) (Decl.)

Daniel Carroll (Maryland) (Const.)

Samuel Chase (Maryland) (Decl.)

Abraham Clark (New Jersey) (Decl.)

George Clymer (Pennsylvania) (Decl.) (Const.)

Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crévecoeur

William Richardson Davie (North Carolina) (Const. attendee)

Jonathan Dayton (New Jersey) (Const.)

John Dickinson (Delaware) (Const.)

Rev. Andrew Eliot

William Ellery (Rhode Island) (Decl.)

Oliver Ellsworth (Connecticut) (Const. attendee)

William Few (Georgia) (Const.)

Thomas Fitzsimons (Pennsylvania) (Const.)

William Floyd (New York) (Decl.)

Christopher Gadsden

Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) (Decl.)

Nicholas Gilman (New Hampshire) (Const.)

Nathaniel Gorham (Massachusetts) (Const.)

Button Gwinnett (Georgia) (Decl.)

Lyman Hall (Georgia) (Decl.)

Benjamin Harrison (Virginia) (Decl.)

John Hart (New Jersey) (Decl.)

Joseph Hewes (North Carolina) (Decl.)

Thomas Heyward, Jr. (South Carolina) (Decl.)

William Hooper (North Carolina) (Decl.)

Stephen Hopkins (Rhode Island) (Decl.)

Francis Hopkinson (New Jersey) (Decl.)

William C. Houston (New Jersey) (Const. attendee)

William Houstoun (Georgia) (Const. attendee)

Samuel Huntington (Connecticut) (Decl.)

Jared Ingersoll (Pennsylvania) (Const.)

James Iredell

William Jackson (Const. - Secty.)

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer (Maryland) (Const.)

William Samuel Johnson (Connecticut) (Const.)

Rufus King (Massachusetts) (Const.)

John Langdon (New Hampshire) (Const.)

John Lansing (New York) (Const. attendee)

Francis Lightfoot Lee (Virginia) (Decl.)

Richard Henry Lee (Virginia) (Decl.)

Francis Lewis (New York) (Decl.)

Philip Livingston (New York) (Decl.)

William Livingston (New Jersey) (Const.)

Thomas Lynch, Jr. (South Carolina) (Decl.)

John Marshall

Luther Martin (Maryland) (Const. attendee)

Alexander Martin (North Carolina) (Const. attendee)

George Mason

Rev. Jonathan Mayhew

James McClurg (Virginia) (Const. attendee)

James McHenry

(Maryland) (Const.)

Thomas McKean (Delaware) (Decl.)

John Francis Mercer (Maryland) (Const. attendee)

Arthur Middleton (South Carolina) (Decl.)

Thomas Mifflin (Pennsylvania) (Const.)

James Monroe

Governeur Morris (Pennsylvania) (Const.)

Lewis Morris (New York) (Decl.)

Robert Morris (Pennsylvania) (Decl.) (Const.)

John Morton (Pennsylvania) (Decl.)

Thomas Nelson, Jr. (Virginia) (Decl.)

James Otis

William Paca (Maryland) (Decl.)

Robert Treat Paine (Massachusetts) (Decl.)

Theophilus Parsons

William Paterson (New Jersey) (Const.)

John Penn (North Carolina) (Decl.)

William Leigh Pierce (Georgia) (Const. attendee)

Charles Pinckney (South Carolina) (Const.)

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (South Carolina) (Const.)

Edmund Randolph (Virginia) (Const. attendee)

George Read

(Delaware) (Decl.) (Const.)

Caesar Rodney (Delaware) (Decl.)

George Ross (Pennsylvania) (Decl.)

Benjamin Rush (Pennsylvania) (Decl.)

Edward Rutledge (South Carolina) (Decl.)

John Rutledge (South Carolina) (Const.)

Roger Sherman (Connecticut) (Decl.) (Const.)

James Smith (Pennsylvania) (Decl.)

Richard Dobbs Spaight (North Carolina) (Const.)

Richard Stockton (New Jersey) (Decl.)

Thomas Stone (Maryland) (Decl.)

Joseph Story

Caleb Strong (Massachusetts) (Const. attendee)

George Taylor (Pennsylvania) (Decl.)

Matthew Thornton (New Hampshire) (Decl.)

George Walton (Georgia) (Decl.)

Joseph Warren

Rev. Samuel West

William Whipple (New Hampshire) (Decl.)

Rev. Elisha Williams

William Williams (Connecticut) (Decl.)

Hu Williamson (North Carolina) (Const.)

James Wilson (Pennsylvania) (Decl.) (Const.)

Rev. John Witherspoon (New Jersey) (Decl.)

Rev. John Wise

Oliver Wolcott (Connecticut) (Decl.)

George Wythe (Virginia) (Decl.) (Const. attendee)

Robert Yates (New York) (Const. attendee)