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Articles about Constitutional Principles and Issues

Constitutional Corruption - An article by Dr. Walter Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and very popular Constitutionalist writer/speaker. Visit Dr. Williams' website.

Jefferson on Original Intent - A quote by Thomas Jefferson.

Congressional Power to Give Charitable Donations - A story by David Crockett, Congressman 1827-1835

The Administrative Procedures Act and Federal Register Act - A legal brief by Larry Becraft, distinguished Constitutionalist Attorney from Alabama.   Visit Larry's website for more articles and information.

Federal Jurisdiction - A legal brief by Larry Becraft.

Explanation of the Titles of the United States Code - Article by Larry Becraft offers an excellent explanation of how the practice of codification of law developed. Answers the misconception held by some that the law lacks force unless or until it becomes "positive law."

List of Public Corruption Cases - Article by Larry Becraft.  List of citations for cases concerning Congressman, Judges, High Federal and State Officials, etc.  Some are summarized by Larry, and some are linked to the court documents online. All of the cases are public record, and should encourage government employees to be aware of the Federal and State Constitutions, as well as the laws governing their duties.

The 14th Amendment Citizen - An erronous argument dispelled... - Article by Edward Ellison Jr., J.D addresses the misconception held by some that the 14th Amendment created a "new class of citizen." LEXREX is looking forward to an new edition of a book co-authored by Dr. Ellison on the Constitutional provisions for the Federal Government to raise revenue. More on that as it develops.


Audio Stream Bastiat's The Law

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