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Business Telephone Systems


NEW! Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology Now Available [system phones can be placed anywhere in the world with 'Plug and Play' capabilities via any Broadband Internet Connections, i.e. Cable Modem, DSL, even a 128Kbps ISDN circuit!]. Ideal for churches with missionaries in the field, this technology can eliminate most long distance expenses allowing your missionaries to dial direct through your local connections and long distance - keeping them in constant touch with the folks at home!  Also great for business owners, sales reps or teleworkers with an office in their home!

Extraordinary savings available for large volume long distance users.

Does you business require a state-of-the art telephone system? Wouldn't it be gratifying to buy American and get the best? Whether you require a single or 10,000-line system with integrated voice-mail, automated attendant and paging; integrated voice/data; or even if you need a telephone system for a small to medium-sized country, you'll want to talk to us first and last.

If you already have an RFP [Request for Proposal] that is fully developed, please e-mail a copy to us at If you do not have an RFP, please e-mail us with all of your known requirements and we will get back to you with any additional questions that arise. Together we will be able to get the job done to your satisfaction.

We have access to consulting expertise that meets or exceeds the highest standards in the global communications industry.

We are only interested in developing long-term business relationships with clients who demand the very best.

Our premier system for small to medium sized businesses is the IVX - Integrated Voice Exchange by ESI. If you have a business that requires from 1 to 66 lines and from 1 to 84 stations, chances are you will not be able find a more appropriate piece of communications equipment than the ESI IVX 128. For larger applications we can offer the IVX IP series with 192 ports!  Both systems employ state-of-the-art Voice Over Internet Protocol technology.

We will be glad to help you get from where you are to the fully satisfied ownership of one of these superior communications systems.

We are especially interested in challenging and creative opportunities. We have developed strategic alliances with associates having expertise in every phase and level of communications technology.  One would be hard pressed to come up with a situation we cannot address.

If you have any questions please e-mail us. The initial consultation is absolutely free. We have been involved in the industry since 1985. Extensive references are available upon request. We will go anywhere for the right situation.

You may explore the ESI web site and learn all about their incredible products from this link. However, we ask you to contact in order to be directed to a dealer who is highly recommended by the manufacturer and can provide dealer certification information and references.

The phone displayed below is a technology that could potentially be anywhere in the world. It can originate and receive phone calls as if you were actually somewhere else in the world. (Wherever its PBX is located - typically the USA.)  Click on the image for complete details or email me lexrex@lexrex.comand I will provide additional details.






We draw from several decades of experience in all sorts of telecommunications equipment and applications. Feel free to call or email us with your questions about telecommunications services and products. If we can save you money, we will all be happy. Email: Phone: 410-781-8427 If you would like references or demonstrations please let us know how we can assist.

Additional products and services include:

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