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The American Ideal of 1776

The Twelve Basic American Principles

 by Hamilton Abert Long, ©1976

Intelligent choice--between 1776 Americanism and conflicting Isms (chiefly Socialism in the USA today)--requires primarily thorough knowledge of these Principles.

The book is the essential tool for all who wish to be worthy trustees for today’s children and future generations of their just heritage: this Ideal, its eternal values and the supporting Constitution, as The Founders intended. They believed to default about this is to betray. (emphasis the author's)

- The Author, from his Note About the Book


Author's Introduction and Information regarding the Author

Commendations of the book appearing on the original cover

Author's extensive introductory quotes on the subjects being discussed.

Part I: Twelve Basic American Principles:

Author's Prefatory Note regarding the Principles

1. The Spiritual is Supreme

2. Fear of Government-over-Man

3. Unalienable Rights--From God

4. Man Organizes Governments to Be His Tools

5. Limited Government

6. Decentralized Government

7. Equal, By God's Gift, In Sight of God and Law

8. Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

9. Liberty--Against Government-over-Man

10. Private Property--Liberty's Support

11. Taxes--Limited to Safeguard Liberty

12. The Majority--Limited for Liberty

Part II: Some Aspects of the Traditional American Philosophy

Author's Preliminary Comment

The Traditional American Philosophy--A Definite, Unique, American Philosophy of Government Does Exist--Composed of a Set of Specific, Fundamental, Traditional Principles

The Two Revolutions of 1776--for Individual Liberty and for Independence

Evolution a Main Part of the Revolution

Uniqueness of the Twin Revolution

Magna Carta's King-granted Rights

Understanding the American Heritage

Comments About A Few of the Sources Consulted Regarding Definition of the American Principles

"The Federalist"--A Rich Source of Sound Knowledge

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic

The Planning in 1776-1788--That the New Government Be a Republic

The Federated System of Republics in America

Representative Government--a Chief Characteristic of a Republic

Limited Government in Relation to the "Bill of Rights" (or Prohibitions)

Limited Government In Relation to Some Fields of Power Prohibited to the Federal Government

Limited Government in Relation to The Constitution's Treaty Clause

Limited Government in Relation to the Role of the Supreme Court

Limited Government under the Constitution in Relation to Religious Considerations Which the Declaration of Independence Makes Express

Limited Government and Individual Enterprise and the Profit Motive--Soundness Ethically, Morally, Socially and Otherwise

Concluding Comment as to Background Material

Part III: All Honor to the Founders

Respect Due The Founders

Refutation of the Charge That The Framers Perpetrated a Coup d'etat

The Founders' Concept of "Property"--Embracing All Rights--Not Merely Things Material

The Just Heritage of Posterity Always Uppermost in The Founders' Minds

Samuel Adams' Warning

A 1765 Call to Action--"Educate Young and Old: For Liberty"--As Timely Today as When Originally Made

--------(End of Primary Sections)--------

Author's Additional Comment Regarding Charles A. Beard's 1913 Book

The Supreme Court's Ruling in the 1905 South Carolina Case: The Original Meaning is Controlling

Brief Biographical Notes

A Few of the Writings Repeatedly Quoted (list from the book)

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Acknowledgements - Includes additional copyright information.

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